Internet Browsers: Assisting with Your Day-to-Day

Internet Browsers: Assisting with Your Day-to-Day (2324-0163)

We are working closely with BEAM Fieldwork and research agency, Netfluential to deliver a research project all about: 

  • the reasons people select to use specific internet browsers
  • their attitudes and opinions of how their browser can optimise and assist with their day-to-day tasks 
  • the ways people carry out a variety of tasks like searching and shopping when online. 

The main focus is to understand HOW people do certain tasks online using their internet browser(s) on their SMARTPHONE and/or PC or LAPTOP. 

BEFORE YOU APPLY, please consider if

  1. you can proficiently use screen recording software 
  2. you are able to upload these screen recordings to the online forum with ease
  3. you can proficiently use the internet, your online browser and your tech equipment

Here are the main details you need to know:

❓ WHAT'S INVOLVED: Panel Contribution including Self-Complete Screen Record

📅 WHEN: Mon 5th - Thurs 8th Feb + Mon 12th Feb

🌍 WHERE: UK wide

⌚ HOW LONG: 2 hours over 5 days


If you're what we're looking for, we'll call you ASAP. If you don't hear from us, don't be disheartened, keep applying for research opportunities with us!

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