Engagement & Connections with Tech

Engagement & Connections with Tech (2425-0130)

We are working closely with BEAM Fieldwork to deliver a research project all about engagement with technology across different types of UK households. 

The in-person research session will be highly creative and very engaging, so we're looking for you to bring along a couple of close friends in a similar life scenario to you, who you can 'spark off' and keep the energy up in the session. 

Here are the main details you need to know:

❓ WHAT'S INVOLVED: Pre-task + In-person Discussion

📅 WHEN: Tues 16th - Thurs 18th July

🌍 WHERE: St Albans

⌚ HOW LONG: 3 hours


If you're what we're looking for, we'll call you ASAP. If you don't hear from us, don't be disheartened, keep applying for research opportunities with us!

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