Give Opinions hits the headlines

Give Opinions conducts a nationwide PR to find great participants for research

Rachel Perera October 27, 2022
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With the cost-of-living crisis looming, it is no wonder that journalists across the UK have featured Give Opinions in their articles recently, advocating our market research projects as a legitimate and authentic way to earn some extra Christmas cash.

Our most recent food-tasting research project tantalised the tastebuds of the Daily Mail's Miss Moneysaver journalist Jasmine Birtles. Give Opinions conducted a nationwide recruitment drive to find participants to test a range of sweet and savoury snacks for leading supermarket brands, where respondents were paid up to £100. This popular project was featured in the column of Miss Moneysaver’s article on “the cost-of-living crunch”, resulting in hundreds of happy snackers getting paid to munch their way through December.

IloveManchester, the rainy city's destination for regional news and events, also shared an article highlighting “how you can earn extra Christmas cash reviewing high end products” with Give Opinions, where our luxury car research events certainly grabbed reader’s attention. One of our more recent events took place in four major UK cities, where we recruited over 600 people and paid each up to £375. They were tasked to visit swish locations and share their opinions on never-seen-before vehicle tech for a world-famous automotive brand. 

Another project that ignited the media's excitement was our recent Christmas shopping project. Eager shoppers joined an online community to discuss their shopping habits and create a wish list. Rather than battle the shops at this time of year, recruits could complete the project online and where paid £200 for completing a bit of retail therapy.

Business Cheshire, Business Manchester and Business Lancashire picked up this popular research opportunity and shared the news across the region, while NewsAnyway promoted it across the globe.

With many more exciting projects coming up before Christmas, we won't be surprised if you see us pop up in the press again. From cars to spas, vapes to bars, Give Opinions has a project to suit everyone and, with most involving freebies to test or paid days out, taking part in market research has got to be the best Christmas job ever!

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