Participating in Research

We take your privacy seriously and we will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have first contacted you and have your permission (required by law) to do so.

Here are some guarantees from us:

  • At no point will your information be used to try and sell you anything.
  • We will never ask you for any money. Registering with us is completely free.
  • Your details will never be used to send you junk mail, paper or electronic, about any other services or opportunities.
  • We are registered with the ICO (ZA790232), giving you peace of mind, your data is being handled correctly.

If you are selected to take part in a market research, you agree to abide by the following:

  • To be professional and courteous and not behave in a disruptive or inappropriate manner.
  • To be sober and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • You will respect that information/products discussed during any event may be confidential and agree to keep it as such. You may also need to sign a document to this effect.
  • If you have been asked to bring something to the session with you e.g. a copy of a utility bill or your favourite perfume and you fail to do this, you may be turned away without being seen and in this instance you will not receive your incentive payment.
  • If you have been asked to complete some pre-session homework you will complete this as required and understand that failure to do so may result in a lesser or no incentive being paid to you.
  • You will need to sign a document indicating that you have received your incentive at the session
  • Unless specifically told otherwise, the invitation is for you only and you will need to attend alone. Under no circumstances must you bring partners, family members, friends, children or anyone else to the event nor must you bring any pets.
  • If you are unable to attend yourself, under no circumstances must you ask anyone else to attend instead of you, they are unlikely to fit the target criteria. Please just let us know (ideally as early as possible) so we can look for someone else who fits the criteria.
  • You will need to arrive on time for the session, please note the venue, host or moderator reserves the right to withhold your incentive if you arrive too late to participate in the session.
  • You may be asked to show ID, please make sure you have some form of ID with you as you may not be allowed to participate without this
  • If you need glasses for reading, looking at the computer or distances please make sure you have these with you
  • You must let us know in good time if you are unable to attend the event. Failure to let us know in a timely manner may prevent you from receiving future invitations from us.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above requirements, may affect your eligibility take part in research projects and may affect the incentive payment you receive.