The Female Pioneers of Web3

WOMEN IN WEB3 is a global founder community and DAO of diverse women innovating and venturing together in Web3.

Rachel Perera November 09, 2022
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So, what exactly is Web3 we hear you cry… and what even was Web1 or Web2 for that matter? 

It's a question no doubt to be on many more lips this year as the globe gears up for the advent of Web3, the third generation of the World Wide Web. 

It’s currently a work in progress. A vision of a decentralized and open web with greater utility for users. In simple terms, Web1 allows you to read information, Web2 allows you to read and write information, Web3 will let you read, write and, importantly, OWN the content you create.

While this may seem a strange concept to most of us, to digital creators and artists, it means that they will be able to maintain control of the work they produce and receive royalties every time it is used by someone else.

The pioneers working in this exciting sector is ‘Women Leading Web3’, a global founder community and Decentralised Autonomous Organisation of some of the most powerful and diverse women in tech and business who are creating, innovating, and venturing together into Web3. 

It all began with a tweet in March 2021, where Founder Chana Kanzen set out to find women who wanted to learn about Web3 together in a supportive and nurturing space. Since then, their global community has organically grown from a few interested people to a strong network of women who have evolved from learning about Web3 to bringing more women entrepreneurs to build and venture into this exciting space. 

Web3 is the next iteration of the internet, shifting power to the people and enabling fundamental change. 

Unfortunately, women within the tech sector are hugely underrepresented, with only 5 out of 121 of the world's leading crypto companies having even one female founder – for reference, that's just 4.13%. Women make up 49.58% of the world's population, but Web3 currently doesn't represent that, and Women Leading Web 3.0 want to close the gap.

Give Opinions were invited to the launch of this formidable initiative that’s headed up by some of the greatest female brains from around the globe. The innovative launch kicked off with a digital exhibition ‘LWLW3 x NFT.NYC London Art Exhibition Showcase’ hosted by Mapp Digital. This unique showcase celebrated leading female digital artists and was curated by experts in the NFT field Lydia Smith, Abigail Miller, and Aleksandra Artamonovskaja. This was followed by an invite-only VIP launch breakfast “London women Leading Web3 x NFT.NYC”, which was sponsored by Axion Recruit and held in the fantastic surroundings of the Pavilion Club, Knightsbridge. With a BBC crew in attendance, this was a pivotal event to highlight the incredible women working in the Web3 sector. 

Women in Web3 is a vetted community and three-tiered DAO for women entrepreneurs who want to learn, prototype, and venture together through facilitated rabbit-hole experiences. Supported by the founders, members will be guided through how they can take their Web3 venture idea from seed to sell. Through completing mini courses that examine proof of knowledge, proof of concept, and proof of venture, members will receive a Proof-of-Work NTT for each completed level. Importantly, they will gain the knowledge, experience, validation, network, and actionable next steps to venture into Web3.

From the Marketing Manager for De Beres to the PR consultant for Balenciaga and Chanel, all the founders of Women leading Web3 are devoting their time to co-create an equitable internet with women entrepreneurs at the forefront, securing women's place in a future that we all want to see.

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