Attitudes on Period Products

Attitudes on Period Products (2425-0050)

We are working closely with BEAM Fieldwork to deliver a research project to have conversations with women and girls who use period products in the Yorkshire & Humber region.

The research will explore attitudes and opinions regarding both disposable and reusable period products, as well as your thoughts on the disposal of period products in relation to convenience, environmental concerns, cost considerations, and any other factors that may influence your preferences and behaviours when choosing period products.


1️⃣ Adult Online Focus Group (aged 19+ ) 🕒90 mins 💸£60

2️⃣ Older Teens aged 17-18 'Friendship Pair' Online Interview 🕒60 mins 💸£30 each

  • Teens aged 17 & 18 can apply to take part themselves, without a responsible adult

3️⃣ Younger Teens aged 13-15 'Friendship Pair' Online Interview 🕒60 mins 💸£30 each 

  • 1x responsible adult and 1x teen required as leads for this application
  • Accompanying friend and their responsible adult will be consulted if successful

4️⃣ Parent & Child aged 11-14 Online Interview 🕒60 mins 💸 £40 each

  • 1x responsible adult and 1x young teen required for this application

🌍 Must live in Yorkshire & Humber

If you're what we're looking for, we'll call you ASAP. If you don't hear from us, don't be disheartened, keep applying for research opportunities with us!

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